My classes

This is a list of my classes, and a brief description of what they are.\

Period 1- Web design

In web design we use adobe Dreamweaver, adobe fireworks, and WordPress to learn how to create websites on our own.

Period 2-Biology

In Biology we learn about the different parts of life, and are mainly focused on micro biology right now, such as Photosynthesis and cells.

Period 3-Geometry

In Geometry we learn how to use different formulas to do equations, and practice using them.

Period 4-Google Apps and more

In GAaM we learn how to use different types of google apps, and the really fine details of google. We are also writing a research paper right now about robots and Artificial intelligence.

Period 5-English

In English we do assignments everyday and really don’t learn much. We define 5 or so words a week and forget about them.

Period 6-Spanish

In Spanish we learn how to conjugate verbs, learn about certain cultures from south america, and we learn fine details about the language, like noun first, then describe, as opposed to how we describe things in English

Period 7-Health

In health we learn what certain things can do to your body, and how to lose and gain weight healthfully, and about eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia nervous, and binge eating.