Creating Hyperlinks

Creating hyperlinks are a great thing for your website. They are not a detractor, so much as an attraction. When you see a hyperlink to another website, and you are looking for information, it’s kind of like the author of the page going “this is true, and here is a source saying that what I’m saying is true”. Of course, you should always check the link, and check your information on a site that they didn’t link just to be sure. Another way that hyperlinks are a great thing on your website, is if you are trying to sell something. You can add a hyperlink to forums on the internet saying how they use the product that you are trying to sell, or how much they like the product. You can also create a link to a competitors page, and show your potential customer that you have a better deal. The only problem if you are going to do that on a business scale, you might run into some sort of copyright infringement issues or something. One way that hyperlinks might not be such a good idea for your site is if the link doesn’t open in a new tab. If your site’s link to an external site gets rid of your page, people might not be able to find your site again, or if something on their site contradicts what you are saying. On a business level, you might metaphorically shooting yourself in the foot if your competitor has a better deal on the product that you are trying to sell. That is my two cents on hyper links, and there is more if you click here.

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