Pros and Cons of WordPress

The information that I read form the article called “The Pros and Cons Of WordPress” form the site called “Webnology” gave a very accurate and precise description of using WordPress. It gave several pros and cons, and was very unbiased to either side. It was not trying to persuade me in any way, and the article seemed very knowledgeable  as to what they were talking about.
My initial thoughts on WordPress was that it was very difficult. It has a very small interface with very large categories, and was very hard to navigate. It seems that you would have to spend a lot of time with the platform to really know what you were doing, but even after an hour-ish of working with the site, I have began to understand it better, just by navigating all of the options.
The reason I have decided to build a website is because I took this web design class, and I need to get a good grade in this class, because otherwise I have wasted half a year of school with no forward progress, and I will either have to retake this class, or earn my other half credit in the vocational studies somewhere else. My hopes and dreams for this site are set very low, with maybe one or two visits from Mrs.Bates to grade my blog posts, and possibly the unfortunate person that accidentally stumbles across my website. Overall, I really just want to use this website to get a good grade in the WordPress area for my grade for Web Design.
The purpose of this site, as stated above, is nothing more than a means to an end. I do really have an interest in designing a website, but I will not be doing it with WordPress. I personally do not like the blog style sites, as I do not really  like to read them, and I have no interest in creating a blog myself.

(I screwed up and didn’t read the email, so I started with this, but the above is 325 words. I didn’t want the paragraph below to be deleted though.)

With WordPress, there are many advantages that this platform has over other platforms, but there are also disadvantages that it has as well. For some of the advantages that WordPress has, it is easy to use. Nearly anyone can find an online guide and get right to making their own website. That is another advantage. So many people use it, that it is easy to find help somewhere on the web, or even in a book, so you wont have to spend too long on finding out how to edit a small detail. Another advantage that WordPress has is that it is very cheap. You can get four versions of WordPress. You can use the free version, the personal version, the premium version, or you can use the business version. The most expensive version, the business version, costs only three hundred dollars per year, and you have many features. For example, in the business version, you get unlimited storage space, you can get personalized help, and you can remove all branding from WordPress- making the site truly yours. There are also cons to using WordPress though. Some of the cons that WordPress has are that, even after all the customization that you can add, all WordPress sites look similar. Another con of using WordPress is that WordPress uses a lot of unnecessary code in making their websites, so the loading times are inherently longer. WordPress is also an open source structure. That means that all of your website’s code is online, open to the public, making it easier for hackers to shut down or break in to your website. So, in short, If you are writing a blog or using WordPress for personal use, it is a great platform to use. It is even OK for a small business not focused on online sales, or a medium sized business just launching a site. But for large commercial use, WordPress is not at the top of the list for platforms that you should use.


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